Sluice Art Fair / The Bargehouse, London
16-18 October, 2015

Square Art Projects participated in this year´s edition of Sluice Art Fair, where 35 international galleries and artist-run projects showcased their work as part of Sluice_’s characteristically open-plan, and accessible format. We worked together with The Dorado Project, from New York. The joining together of two initiatives from such important artistic hubs created an insightful dialogue into the practices of international contemporary artists today. The artists that have been selected to show currently work with abstraction, which is the linking theme between the two artist-run projects.
Featured artists from Square Art Projects: Guillermo Carrión, Michael Swaney, Piers Veness and Simon Zabell. Featured artists from The Dorado Project: Lee Lee Chan, Paul Simmons and Frank Zadlo.

Also, on Sunday 18th, as part of the Sluice_Talks Programme, we presented Abstract Revival: A conversation about the current revival of abstraction, led by artists: Juan Bolivar, Enrico Gomez and Piers Veness, introduced by Art Historian and co-director of Sluice, Ben Street.

                       Photo: Julia Gat                   Photo: Julia Gat