Astúries 15

For Astúries 15 we brought two artists together for a pop-up show that took place in a private residence in Barcelona. Blanca Haddad and Mike Swaney exhibited work that explored the effect of the urban space upon its inhabitants.

Blanca´s work is focused on the “I”, the subjects in her paintings both inviting us to identify with them as well as challenging us to judge them. For Astúries 15, Blanca showed a series of work that develops her narrative style through portraiture.

Mike´s practice is based around observations of the actions and daily habits of others and the collective “us”, focusing on the absurd rituals that permeate urban existence. In this show Mike presented a series of portraits and abstract collage on paper, as well as some studies for imagined performances.

This show has been possible thanks to the generosity of Blanca Haddad in opening her studio to the public.