Works on Paper

Fernando Zubillaga Gallery in Caracas, Venezuela, and Square Art Projects, presented in 2010 the exhibition Works on Paper, a group show comprising the work of seven young contemporary artists of various nationalities.

During its past activities as a platform for exhibitions, Square Art Projects has created a dialogue within the circuit of emerging art in Barcelona, Spain. Works on Paper marks the next stage in its development as a means of spreading contemporary art: that of working outside of its base and working with other institutions. Such co-operations create opportunities for promoting artistic discussion between spaces, artists and audience of different nationalities. In this instance, drawing, photography and installation of various natures meet in two-dimensionality.

Participating artists: Katherine Di Turi / Blanca Haddad / Jutta Immenkötter / Daniel Jacoby / Michael Swaney / Piers Veness / Simon Zabell